The Challenge

The Easterseals Disability Film Challenge gives filmmakers—with and without disabilities—the opportunity to collaborate to tell unique stories that showcase disability in its many forms.

Before the Challenge

Read the Rules

Official Rules

To be eligible for an award, you must follow the official rules. Here’s what you need to know:


Your film must be between three and five minutes, with up to an additional minute of credits.

Required materials/footage

At the beginning of the challenge weekend, the Easterseals Disability Film Challenge will post the competition genre/theme, along with a list of required props and/or locations, to the homepage. You will also receive a courtesy email, notifying you of the film challenge kickoff. You must include all the required components in your film. Teams are strongly encouraged to integrate story elements that acknowledge disability.


Your film must be entirely original and captured over the course of the contest weekend. No pre-recorded footage, including stock footage, may be used.


Your cast and crew must be volunteers. You are strongly encouraged to collaborate with at least one person with a physical or cognitive disability in one of the following roles:

  • Writer
  • Director
  • Producer
  • Actor

Title Cards

Before the finished film begins, the file must include a title card, which can be downloaded HERE.


End credits are limited to a maximum of 60 seconds and must conclude with the text “This film was made for the Easterseals Disability Film Challenge”.


The music available in the following folders is cleared for royalty free use for the 2018 Easterseals Disability Film Challenge only.

If you use music from this folder, please include the following in your credits: Music by Stephen Charles Mann.

If you use music from this folder, please include the following in your credits: Music by Mike Barnett.

If you use music from this folder, please include the following in your credits: Music by Stephen Letnes.

Technical Stuff

Films must be uploaded to Vimeo and a downloadable link to the film must be included in your FilmFreeway entry. All participants must sign the following forms and submit to by the contest deadline.

For additional questions, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions.

Promotional Campaign Report

(Please complete following the promotional campaign)


If using SAGAFTRA performers, please complete and return the forms below.

Before the Challenge

Register at is an online service that hosts film competitions. Before you begin work on your film, you’ll need to create a placeholder account on Film Freeway and pay the fee for your registration.

  1. Create an account at or log into your existing account.
  2. Create a placeholder project titled, “EDFC Entry.” You won’t have to fill in any of the other fields or upload any content at this point.
  3. Submit your placeholder project to the Easterseals Disability Film Challenge.

Early Registration Opens: TBA

Early Registration Deadline: TBA

Regular Registration Deadline: TBA

Late Registration Deadline: TBA

Before the Challenge

Mark Your Calendar

Registration period


Challenge begins

Friday, April 5th, 2019 @ 11:00 am PDT

Film submission deadline

Sunday, April 7th, 2019 @ 5:59 pm PDT

Market your film


Finalists Announced


Winners Announced at Awards Reception and Screening Event – Details TBA

The Challenge

Make Your Film

The Easterseals Disability Film Challenge will post the genre/theme and required elements on the homepage to kickoff the competition. Gather your props, assemble your team, and begin filming!

Keep the following judging criteria in mind:

Creative Merit – 40%:

  • Story/plot
  • Performances
  • Entertainment value

Technical Execution – 30%:

  • Picture quality
  • Sound quality
  • Editing & post-production quality
  • Production value & effects

Inclusion of assignment criteria – 30%

Once you are finished capturing and editing your film, upload it to your Vimeo account:

  • Create a new account or log into Vimeo and upload your downloadable film
  • Log into FilmFreeway
  • Click on “My Projects” on the top of the website
  • Edit your “EDFC Entry” project
    • Rename the project to your film’s title
    • Enter a brief synopsis of the film
    • Copy and paste your film’s downloadable Vimeo URL into the website field
    • Click “save project” at the bottom of the page

Remember to email your signed releases and certification statement to

If you have any questions about this process, please visit our FAQs.

After the Challenge

Promote Your Film

In the week following the film challenge, you will receive an email announcing the start of the promotional campaign. Check out the film challenge’s YouTube page to find your film’s link and watch other entries. Use the link to share your film across social media, contact local press outlets and ethically hustle to get as many views and shares as possible.

For key messages, sample social media posts and other tips, download the Awareness Campaign Messages document.

Be sure to track views, social media shares, and press. At the end of the promotional campaign, complete the Promotional Campaign Report to be considered for the Best Awareness Campaign award.

After the Challenge

Attend The Event (invitation only)

The Easterseals Disability Film Challenge will announce award finalists following the conclusion of the marketing campaign.

Check back soon for more information on this event.