“My favorite part about participating in the film challenge is the opportunity to be cast in roles that I may not be considered for elsewhere. I was very humbled when I received the award for Best Actor in 2016, which lead to a wonderful meeting with casting director Pam Dixon.

“I have always believed in not waiting for opportunities to happen, but taking the necessary actions to create those opportunities for yourself. Being a part of film challenge has not only allowed me to grow as an actor but also it has helped me gain skills as a producer. I am very grateful for the film challenge and highly recommend it.”

Diana Elizabeth Jordan won Best Actor in 2016 when she starred in Cory Reader’s Boxed Out.

In this role, Diana portrayed a police detective, noting that the experience was a “dream come true.” Diagnosed with cerebral palsy, Diana grew up determined not to let anything stop her from pursuing her career as an actor.

Diana has committed to changing perceptions about disability through her work as an actor activist, producer and director. She is the Founder and Creative Artistic Director of the edutainment production company, The Rainbow Butterfly Cafe.