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Genre:  Superhero

As we get back to normal times, does the world still needs Superheroes? And how do you define “superhero” anyway? Does it require heroism, being an anti-hero, or both? This year’s Easterseals Disability Film Challenge genre lets participants enter the world of Superheroes   via narrative short film, documentary or animation.  Not all Superheroes wear capes.

Some examples of typical Superhero Films and TV shows include, but is not limited to:  Ghostbusters Batman, Spiderman, Superman, X-Men, Wolverine, Iron Man, Deadpool, Hancock, The Crow, Blade, Watchmen, Thunderforce, Shazam, Kim Possible, Antman, Guardians of the Galaxy, Blankman, Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle, The Incredibles, and Men in Black.  (Please note: these are only examples of Superhero projects. You cannot use any of these logos or copy written materials)

Your Superhero assignment could also include documentary films!   Your documentary can be about someone who you feel is a Superhero to you.  It could be someone in your family or from your school, community who made an impact.  (You will need permission from the subject involved, and/or their family, if you choose to make a documentary film.)

Special note: Each film must have someone with a disability in front of or behind the camera. All participants must follow social distancing and COVID-19 restriction guidelines presented by the Center for Disease Control https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prevent-getting-sick/social-distancing.html or will not be eligible for competition.  For teams utilizing SAGAFTRA talent all entrant representatives must follow the SAGAFTRA filming requirements and safety protocols, which are available on SAGAFTRA’s website and inside our rules http://disabilityfilmchallenge.com/challenge/the-rules

Themes: Unsung hero

Were you, or someone in your life growing up or as an adult a hero to you, your school, you’re town, your community?  Did they overcome anything?  How did they improve things for you and/or your community?

Theme: Anti-Hero

This is not the typical hero.  This hero could be an unexpected leader who might not exhibit the typical characteristics of a superhero.  Like Wolverine, or Deadpool.  Are they good at saving the day in unconventional ways or not?


Your film does not have to take place exclusively within the locations below but the main action of the film must take place in at least one of these settings:

an apartment/house, a recreational area, such as a park, a backyard, a garage, a storage unit or warehouse.

Required props: a blue shirt, a hat, a photograph, a cell phone a calendar or a clock. (Each film must feature one of these props)

Photos and Video Use: Personal photos and video that you have the rights for from your subject can be used.  Archival footage can only be used if you can prove you have rights.

DURATION: All films must be between 3-5 minutes in length, not including the credits. If the addition of the credits puts the film over 5 minutes, that is acceptable, however films cannot exceed 6 minutes.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: All entries must be uploaded as downloadable Vimeo files and linked to FilmFreeway, or uploaded to FilmFreeway directly (make sure you change the settings to downloadable) by 9 p.m. EST / 6 p.m. PST on Sunday, April 10th, 2022. Finalists will be announced on April 29th. Winners will be announced on Thursday, May 5th, 2022 at Sony Pictures Studios.