Promote Your Film

The Best Awareness Campaign award is presented to the leading producer (Entrant Representative) for the team that raises the most awareness for their film through marketing strategies. Judges will review the YouTube, and Facebook videos for number of overall views, shares, likes, comments and press coverage. Participants are not allowed to buy likes, or views for their films on their EDFC YouTube or Facebook during the awareness campaign. Read the detailed rules here.

Judging Breakdown


Total views on the film’s EDFC YouTube and Facebook channels


Comments/shares and engagements


Press coverage

1 In the week following the film challenge, you will receive an email announcing the start of the promotional campaign.
2 Read the rules again!
3 Check out the film challenge’s Facebook and YouTube page to find your film’s link and watch other entries.
4 Use the links to share your film across social media.
5 Contact local press outlets and ethically hustle to get as many views and shares as possible.

For key messages, sample social media posts and other tips, download the Awareness Campaign Messages document.

Be sure to track views, social media shares, and press. At the end of the promotional campaign, complete the Promotional Campaign Report to be considered for the Best Awareness Campaign award.

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