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2016 Best Actor Winner


"My favorite part about participating in the film challenge is the opportunity to be cast in roles that I may not be considered for elsewhere. I was very humbled when I received the award for Best Actor in 2016, which lead to a wonderful meeting with casting director Pam Dixon. "I have always believed in [...]

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2015 Best Awareness Campaign Winner


"The film challenge has become an event we look forward to as a family. It is a family tradition. We clear the calendar and devote a weekend to creating art together. It is a challenge that lets us grow closer as a family, pushing ourselves to every—and I mean, every—limit. "As artists, we see what [...]

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2016 Best Awareness Campaign Winner


Filming the Minority Effect for the film challenge was such a awesome experience. It gave us all the opportunity to come together and be a part of something special. A film where we were able to work together and complete as a team. We can’t wait to do it again! In 2016, Antonio Quistian Jr. [...]

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